http-%2f%2fcoresites-cdn-factorymedia-com%2frcuk%2fwp-content%2fuploads%2f2015%2f10%2fbealach_na_ba_pano From planning your route to staying safe in all conditions, it’s the right introduction to running on the Soller valley mountain.
In the past few years, the Soller valley mountain race has been regarded as one of the tough trails to conquer in the world of mountain and trail running. And with good reason- the rough, 21 km long race features 4315 feet of elevation change as it takes trail runners around the mountain range to the Puig Ofre. It starts in Soller, Mallorca and winds through several portions of the valley before returning to Soller, offering fantastic views and a look at local culture along the way.
Here are a few very basic tips and tricks on planning a trail running trip around the Soller valley.
Getting There:
The closest international airport to Soller is Son Sant Joan International airport, about 45 minutes away by car. You can take a shuttle directly to Soller or rent a car at the airport.
The Route
The Cursa Muntanya Vall de Soller route is well-marked in the heavily wooded tract as well as in the high mountains, although colored trail markers are more evident outside of the villages. The route varies in places, but for the most part, it constitutes soft dirt trail path interspersed with more coarse and rocky gravel and pebble sections. In a few places, the trail route overlaps dirt roads and paved roads.
Thanks to the lenient weather the conditions are well suited for running all year round. Having said that, most runners prefer to have their run fall between the spring and autumn months, which can be particularly striking. Running the trail in the warmer months means that you need to confront sweltering heat and high temperatures but you can tackle it with a bit of preparation. If you prefer to run the trail when the summer is at its peak, it is advisable to do it early in the morning and in the evenings.
Pack a pair of sturdy trail running trainers, a lightweight rucksack with a large reservoir and moisture-wicking clothing.
Carry enough supply of trail snacks, energy food, and water enough for your run. It goes without saying that you pack a little more than necessary as you may not get to stock up your supply along the trail.
While it will be extremely useful to speak Spanish and understand some Catalan, you can usually get by speaking English. However, you’re likely to hear people speak several languages as you’re greeted by other trail runners and hikers.
You may hear a lot of stuff about the Soller valley mountain race, but it amounts to a tough challenge that can be particularly demanding if you’re not up for it. Prepare well and put your mind to the task- it’s all about putting one foot in front of the other.