luxury-spain-holidays-cosa-brava-header-1600x700About Us
Trail running in Soller is growing popular every year. Every year, hundreds of mountain runners taking part in the Soller race have been treated to a fulfilling running experience and breathtaking views from the mountains. In the past few years alone, there has been a considerable increase in the number of people out there on the trails, and the local training camps for mountain racing are filling faster than ever. What this means is that more people are showing interest in trail running in the Soller Mountains and are searching for information on the trails themselves.
I’ve finished a few trail races in Europe and while participating in these races one thing most foreign trail runners tell me is that they don’t have an English website about trail running in and around Soller area, dedicated for foreigners that would help them find relevant and updated information about trail running in this part of the world.
Instead of sending all these people on a wild hunt for the advice and information they seek, I thought I’d put together what I believe to be a website for all ultra and trail running enthusiasts in the Soller area. Take a look around the website and feel free to get in touch with me should you have any questions.