Soller, the old Spanish town, is probably one of the most favourite spots in Europe for trail runners. Outdoor enthusiasts and regular marathon runners visiting Mallorca express huge interest in having a go at mountain racing in the beautiful Soller valley. Turns out, they all want a running adventure, not just another personal best on a different ultrarunning course- and that is exactly what you get here. Lovely mountains with never ending trails, unique races, picturesque scenery and a network of the best huts and water stations to replenish with snack and beverages! All in all, this is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise and an ultra runner’s dream.

Ringed by towering peaks, the endless winding Soller mountain trails is a treat to rejoice. Ever since the route was first explored, Soller trails have become both a starting point for trail runners and a destination for mountain race enthusiasts. The Spanish landscape is so breathtaking that runners don’t care how much the steep inclines –or their burning quads- bother or how far they still have to go.   Although the mountain climbs and descents are quite challenging, the scenic views are mentally rejuvenating and intoxicating.
The real beauty of trail running in Soller valley is that there are simple trails that you can run that do not require you to carry extra gear. Want to trudge up the hills for longer and higher tours? Maybe a pair of solid trail running shoes and a rucksack to carry enough food and water are recommended.

The roads and trails in this region of Soller offer a fantastic mix of trail and mountain, single track, quiet country roads, trees, rocks and stiles. And this sort of a mixed terrain is actually much better for your knees and legs than an hour long plod along a well paved tarmac road.

Mountain racing and trail running holidays in the Soller region of Mallorca can be as hard or as easy as you wish. You can use them to good effect to train for ultras, half marathons, marathons, stage races, and races in sweltering heat or high altitude. Ultra marathons like Soller mountain race offer a brief respite from sedentary modern lifestyle, the great opportunity to explore nature at its wildest best, keeps you thinking about life in the moment, and they make everything look insignificant when you have a mountain to conquer.

Heading to the hills badly prepared is a recipe for disaster. So before you take the plunge and enter the Soller Mountain Race this year make sure you get to know everything about what you’re likely to expect in this trail run. This website is intended to give you all the basic information you might need to know about the mountain race in Soller valley and its alluring course.

How About Mountain Running this Holiday Season?

It’s that time of the year again to put your holiday running gear to good use.

Every holiday season, spirited runners of all sizes, shapes and endurances gather at running events across the Spain to take part in marathons and themed running events. Well, if you’re interested in the latter, you could sport your running gear and join in on the festive, sweaty fun.

Last year, I took part in the trail running marathon at Marato de Muntanya while my dad competed in the 10K. Dad put in a week of work to prep for the race and it did have a great effect on how he finished. On the race day, he showed great energy and courage defying all odds to finish the race.  I sort of know what worked its magic. I urged him to test the boots I got him for Christmas a couple of years ago and he thought it should be good fun to get one more wear out of that hideous Christmas gift. Maybe the running boots did the trick. Maybe not. Anyway, he’s gearing up for the half marathon this time around. I’ll find it out this time. Whatever it may be, mountain trail running with your dad is super cool and you’ve got to do it to believe it.

The idea of running a marathon has become less crazy these days. But for some people, a marathon is simply not long enough. And these people are turning to trail running, a physically exhausting and mentally demanding sport that not long ago was regarded as the reclusive cousin of conventional road racing. In fact, trail running is a year-round activity here in Spain, as there are many places where one can go to find wonderful trails that are relatively easier to navigate almost throughout the year. Many mountain trail running events in Spain attract running pros ready to tackle the 40km and 60km course with a huge vertical gain. And it’s not hard to see why. Running in the mud and hilly terrain is a pleasure for these runners and they look forward to taking part in these events throughout the year.

Speaking of trail running in the mountains, about hundreds of athletes will line up in to run the Marato de Muntanya, one of Spain’s popular spots for ultra running, and one of the largest as well. Check out the event listings here- you could choose from a picturesque 10K run or a more challenging 21k half marathon if the prospect of pushing things harder seems pleasing to you. Maybe these courses are not demanding enough. And you’re looking for a little more vertical gain. I’ve got good news for you. There is a serious challenge waiting for you in the form of a rigorous 42k marathon and a 63K ultramarathon to test the athlete in you.

I’m going to have some fun running with dad. Will you be one of the trail racers heading to the mountain for the showdown this season? See you there.